As the leaves change and the air becomes crisper, November ushers in a unique birthstone duo: citrine and topaz. Let’s explore why they are the perfect gemstones to represent November birthdays.

Why Citrine and Topaz?

These gemstones are celebrated for their warm, golden hues, making them a perfect match for the cosy and colourful month of November. It’s completely up to you which November birthstone resonates the most.

November Birthstone Jewellery


Citrine is often referred to as the "healing quartz" due to its uplifting and energising properties. Its name is derived from the French word "citron," which means lemon, a nod to its sunny yellow colour. Citrine is associated with positivity, prosperity and abundance, making it an ideal gemstone for individuals seeking to embrace life's opportunities with optimism.


Topaz has a long and significant history, dating back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians believed that topaz was associated with the sun god Ra and that it possessed protective powers. In medieval Europe, topaz was thought to heal physical and mental ailments. This gemstone represents strength, wisdom and courage, serving as a symbol of power and influence.

The Significance of Citrine and Topaz

Both citrine and topaz are believed to have qualities that promote wellbeing and success. Citrine is often associated with warmth, joy and abundance, while topaz is considered a stone of protection, strength and clarity. Together, these birthstones embody the richness of November and the vibrancy of those born in this month.

Topaz Jewellery at Abbott Lyon

Our birthstone collection features beautiful pieces, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, designed to complement your style. Whether you're treating yourself or selecting a thoughtful gift, topaz jewellery is a beautiful way to celebrate a November birthday.

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