A push present is a thoughtful way to mark the arrival of your newest addition and offer a heartfelt thank you to the fantastic mum for her journey into motherhood. It's a precious reminder she can always look back on, feeling a sense of pride and connection to her little one while celebrating her resilience and strength through the experience of pregnancy and birth. 

Abbott Lyon rings for push presents

Personalised name ring   

There's something symbolic about rings. So, a personalised ring engraved with either the baby's or mum’s name is a powerful, meaningful push present that genuinely resonates. 

Birthstone ring 

Adding birthstones to the mix is a thoughtful way to celebrate the special moment, providing Mum with a piece that's beautiful and full of meaning, symbolising her new baby. Rings featuring birthstones make elegant and heartfelt gifts. 

Sterling Silver Ring   

A sterling silver ring makes an exquisite push present because it embodies elegance, durability, and timelessness. It offers a physical symbol of the unbreakable connection between mother and child, and the range of looks they come in allows for a personal touch, making it a deeply special token of appreciation and love. 

Finding the Ideal Push Present   

The above are just a few of our favourite suggestions for push presents, but there's a plethora of gifts out there to express your thanks. Check out our full jewellery range for more ideas, or take a peek at our most popular gifts for that perfect piece of inspiration. 

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