Birthstones have unique meanings and characteristics. March, with its transition from winter to spring, is represented by aquamarine. Read on to discover the history, and significance behind March's birthstone, and discover our aquamarine birthstone jewellery pieces. They’re perfect for celebrating birthdays or adding a little extra to your every day look.

Aquamarine Birthstone Jewellery


Aquamarine is renowned for its stunning blue-green hue reminiscent of the ocean. This gemstone is a member of the beryl family, sharing its lineage with emeralds, morganite and heliodor. Its name originates from the Latin words "aqua" (water) and "mare" (sea), perfectly describing its appearance.

Aquamarine History

Throughout history aquamarine has been cherished for its spiritual and healing properties. Ancient sailors believed that carrying an aquamarine amulet would protect them during their ocean voyages, fostering courage and ensuring safe travels. This gemstone was also associated with tranquillity and emotional balance, making it a popular choice among royalty and nobility.

Aquamarine Symbolism

Aquamarines are believed to symbolise purity and loyalty. They are thought to enhance communication and self-expression, they carry a gentle energy that can guide you on your journey.

Aquamarine Jewellery at Abbott Lyon

We offer a stunning collection of birthstone jewellery. From delicate necklaces to exquisite earrings, our designs are perfect for celebrating your birthday or for simply embracing the beauty of aquamarine.

Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone that will revamp your entire jewellery collection, who said you had to be born in March to wear it? When seeking exceptional quality and exquisite designs, our birthstone jewellery offers plenty of choice.

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