When it comes to the birthstone for June, many people immediately think of pearls. While pearls are indeed a classic choice, there's another gem that shares the spotlight with them—moonstone. We're going to take a closer look at its history, significance, and why it's a fantastic choice for June birthdays.

Moonstone Birthstone Jewellery


It’s a captivating gem known for its iridescent play of colours. This unique optical effect, known as adularescence, gives moonstone its otherworldly appearance. This gives it a mysterious, glowing look.

Moonstone History

The history of moonstone is steeped in legends and lore. Ancient civilisations, including the Romans and Greeks, believed that moonstone was formed from solidified moonlight. It was thought to bring good fortune and protection to its wearer. It has this history across the world too. In India, moonstone is considered sacred and is believed to be a stone of love and passion.

Moonstone Symbolism

Moonstone is often associated with feminine energy, intuition, and emotional balance. It's believed to enhance one's intuition and provide insight into the future, making it a popular choice for those seeking guidance and wisdom. Moonstone is also considered a symbol of love and is often used in engagement rings.

Moonstone Jewellery at Abbott Lyon

We offer enchanting pieces of moonstone jewellery in our birthstone collection – perfect for celebrating June birthdays or for adding a touch of charm to your own style.

Moonstone, with its rich history, symbolism, and enchanting iridescence, perfectly embodies the spirit of June. Whether you're celebrating a June birthday or simply looking to embrace the magic of this gemstone, our moonstone jewellery offers a diverse range of choices.

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