Jewellery has the incredible power to capture moments, express emotions and tell stories. When it comes to personalisation and symbolism, nothing quite matches birthstone jewellery. At Abbott Lyon, we believe in celebrating your uniqueness through jewellery that resonates with you.

What is My Birthstone?

Curious about your birthstone? Let’s start with what a birthstone is. Your birthstone’s gemstone is associated with the month of your birth, making it uniquely yours. The concept of birthstones dates back centuries and has its roots in ancient beliefs and traditions. Each birthstone is thought to have its own special significance and healing properties.

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What Are the Birthstones for Each Month?

Wondering what your birthstone, or the birthstone of a loved one, is? As long as you know what month they were born in you can work it out. Here’s the birthstone for each month, along with their meaning:

January – Garnet: with its deep red hue, represents protection and strength. It's the perfect stone to start the year with, symbolising fresh beginnings.

February - Amethyst: known for its stunning purple colour, is associated with tranquillity, peace and inner strength.

March - Aquamarine: reminiscent of the serene ocean, embodies courage, tranquillity and hope.

April - Diamond: symbolises purity, eternal love, and strength.

May - Emerald: with its lush green colour, it’s a symbol of rebirth, fertility and love. It celebrates growth and renewal.

June - Moonstone: symbolising luck and creativity.

July - Ruby: a passionate red gem, signifies love, courage and vitality.

August - Peridot: with its vibrant green shade, represents strength, protection and positivity.

September - Sapphire: in its brilliant blue form, symbolises wisdom, loyalty and nobility.

October - Opal or Tourmaline: October offers a choice between opal, representing creativity and inspiration, and tourmaline, symbolising love and compassion.

November - Citrine or Topaz: November birthdays have a choice between citrine, known for its cheerful yellow hue and promoting success, and topaz, symbolising strength and wisdom.

December - Turquoise or Zircon: December offers the calming turquoise and the sparkling zircon, both representing prosperity, good fortune and protection.

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What's a Birthstone?

A birthstone connects you to the month of your birth and carries a rich history of symbolism and meaning. Birthstones are believed to bring luck, protection and healing properties to their wearers, making them not just beautiful but also deeply significant.

What Do Birthstones Mean?

Birthstones are like personal talismans, each with its own unique meaning and significance. They can serve as reminders of your inner strengths, goals, and aspirations. Wearing your birthstone is a way to connect with your birth month and its associated qualities, bringing you positivity and good vibes.

Intrigued by birthstone jewellery or want to cherish yours? At Abbott Lyon, we're passionate about crafting exquisite birthstone jewellery that speaks to your unique story and style. Whether you're exploring birthstones for yourself or searching for the perfect gift, our collection of birthstone jewellery offers stunning designs.

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