Meaningful Jewellery

Each jewellery piece holds a meaning which represents chapters in our lives. Whether it's your friend who needs reminding that they're beautiful, or your Mum who's been having a hard time, these meaningful jewellery pieces are designed to connect people & make them feel empowered. Everyone has a story to tell, what's yours?

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  • Custom Name Bracelet (Silver)
    Custom Name Bracelet (Silver)
  • Custom Name Necklace (Silver)
    Custom Name Necklace (Silver)
  • Pink Quartz Mama Bracelet (Silver)
    Pink Quartz Mama Bracelet (Silver)
  • 12 colours
    Mama Birthstone Bracelet (Silver)
    Mama Birthstone Bracelet (Silver)
  • Pink Quartz Mama Necklace (Silver)
    Pink Quartz Mama Necklace (Silver)
  • Blue Quartz Mama Bracelet (Silver)
    Blue Quartz Mama Bracelet (Silver)
  • Hidden
    Blue Quartz Mama Necklace (Silver)
  • 12 colours
    Mama Birthstone Necklace (Silver)
    Mama Birthstone Necklace (Silver)