Whether you’re treating yourself or gifting a friend, partner or family member, custom jewellery is a gorgeous way to add that special something to a jewellery item.


Read our guide to learn:

  • What custom jewellery is (and why it’s so special!)
  • Who buys custom jewellery, and why it’s such a fabulous gift
  • How to get custom jewellery made in 4 simple steps
  • How long custom jewellery takes to get made
  • How to clean custom jewellery to ensure it stays stunning
  • How much custom jewellery costs

    What is custom jewellery?

    Custom jewellery is jewellery that’s personalised to you. These one-of-a-kind pieces use your specifications to create something unique, individual and meaningful to you.

    Custom jewellery items are available in a great variety of designs, so you can find something perfect to reflect your individuality, tastes and what you hold dear. This could be:

    You can combine some of the above, for instance, by having a custom bracelet with your name and birthstone.


    how to get custom jewellery made; a woman wearing a gold custom name necklace layered with other gold necklaces


    Who buys custom jewellery?

    Not only are bespoke jewellery items a gorgeous way to treat yourself, but they also make a fantastic personalised gift to show loved ones you care. Personalised items hold that extra sentimental value, showing you’ve really thought about someone by treating them to something made especially for them.

    Here are some custom jewellery gift ideas you might want to buy for someone you love:


    What is custom jewellery; a multicoloured ‘bestie’ customised necklace showing how you can get custom jewellery made for your best friend


    These are just a few ideas — custom jewellery can say whatever you want! Perhaps there's a specific phrase, location, or otherwise, that holds particular meaning to you or the person you're gifting it to. If so, you can use that! The sky is the limit, and you have total flexibility for it to say what means the most to you, making it the perfect gift for anyone.


    How to get custom jewellery made

    If you already know what you want your custom jewellery to look like, you may be wondering how to get it made.

    You don’t have to learn how to make custom jewellery yourself to get the perfect item. Nowadays, it’s easy to get pieces made precisely to your specifications online, so you can find exactly what you need without hard work. Here’s our step-by-step guide to getting custom jewellery made at Abbott Lyon:

    1. Browse the Abbott Lyon collection to find the item you’d like customised. This includes name jewellery, initial necklaces, birthstone jewellery and more.
    2. Once you’ve found the perfect item, fill in your preferences — initials, birthstone, or a bespoke inscription. And, of course, all items are available in your choice of gold, rose gold or silver to match your jewellery style.
    3. Add the item to your bag, then simply proceed to checkout to enter your delivery and payment details.
    4. Your order will be on its way! Click here to see our delivery information for different countries across the world.


    How long does custom jewellery take to make?

    All our birthstone, zodiac and initial jewellery is pre-made and ready to go. We always aim to dispatch these within one working day of your online order.

    Name jewellery and engravings take a little longer, as they’re handmade and entirely personalised to you. These items take 12 to 15 days to create and dispatch — so please bear with us while we make your item perfect for you!


    How to get custom jewellery made; Chloe name necklace in gold layered with birthstone pendant necklace

    How to clean custom jewellery

    Once you’ve got your special custom jewellery item, you’ll want to treasure it forever. We want to make sure you enjoy it for as long as possible. That’s why all our jewellery is made from the highest quality plating to ensure it’s durable, water-resistant and doesn't tarnish, and comes with a 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind. That being said, you can also do things at home to ensure your favourite jewellery pieces last the test of time.


    Here are our top tips for cleaning custom jewellery:

    • Create a cleaning solution using mild liquid soap and warm water. Leave your jewellery in this solution to soak.
    • Wipe all surfaces of your jewellery with this solution.
    • Use a toothbrush to gently scrub and cleanse hard-to-reach areas for items with lots of small details or engravings.
    • Wipe your custom jewellery dry with a lint-free cloth.

    To learn more about the best ways to take care of your jewellery to ensure it lasts, read our guide to taking care of your jewellery at home.

    If you need more help on how to clean your custom jewellery at home, please email help@abbottlyonsupport.com.


    How to get custom jewellery made ; silver ‘A’ initial and birthstone bracelet


    How much does custom jewellery cost?

    You may think custom jewellery is expensive because of the detail and craftsmanship that goes into creating it. While it’s certainly true that we pour a lot of care and hard work into each item, that doesn’t mean it is unaffordable!

    You’ll find custom jewellery on the Abbott Lyon website starting from £25, so you can find the perfect item for any budget.

    Whether gifting someone else or treating yourself, find your next beautiful custom jewellery item from Abbott Lyon.

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