The festive period revolves around visiting winter wonderlands, drinking warming hot chocolates and dancing the night away at Christmas parties – but most importantly, buying presents for you and your loved ones. 

According to YouGov, the average person spends approximately £1,108 during the festive season. Women have a £59 higher average spend than men, who typically spend around £1,079. 

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your partner, your mother or friend who has everything, figuring out how much money to spend on each person is a real balancing act.


Read on to discover which loved one gets the most generous presents at Christmas! 


Which of our family members do we spend the most on at Christmas? Abbott Lyon’s data reveals all!

Our unique sales data reveals that out of children, grandparents, friends, parents, siblings, grandchildren and partners - people spend the most money at Christmas on their partners. On average, when purchasing gifts for their partner, people spend £64.86.

But when looking at the data across a whole year the rankings change! Overall, people are more likely to spend money on gifts for their children, whilst grandchildren remain firmly in second place throughout the year.


Christmas Presents for Her; The Partner's Present Report Abbott Lyon


This suggests that whilst we spend the least on our children at Christmas time, proportionally we spend 55% more on them throughout the course of the year (most likely due to birthdays), but for other family members we spend roughly the same at Christmas time as we do throughout the rest of the year.


Christmas Gifting: 2022 Google Search Result Trends in the UK

Now we know who gets more money spent on them at Christmas, it’s time to see what people are searching for online when they’re looking for the perfect Christmas present. According to Google Trends, by the end of 2021 search results for ‘gifts for partner male’ were up 200%, having risen hugely during the festive period - lucky men!  

Our data analysts have searched and compared the most popular search results from September – December 2021. Rather than searching for specific products, it seems that most people are searching for Christmas gift inspiration for what to buy their loved ones in the run up to Christmas.  

Search Volume
Mens Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts for Mum
Christmas Gifts for Dad
Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend
Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas Gifts Boyfriend

*Google Trends via Glimpse UK searches Sept 19th 2021 - Dec 11th 2021


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We used Abbott Lyon's sales data to determine who people were purchasing gifts for at Christmas and as a yearly average and then ranked this. We also used Google Trends via Glimpse to analyse UK searches Sept 19th 2021 - Dec 11th 2021.

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