Data Reveals Which Celebrities Spent the Most Looking for Love! 

Everyone loves a good celebrity wedding, whether it’s Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz or Kim Kardashian and her various wedding days.  

Fans can’t get enough of the glam factor celebrity weddings have; some use it as inspiration for the top wedding trends for the year ahead or even to take ideas for their own wedding day.

The more detail put into the celebrity wedding, the more fans become infatuated with the special event, with eyes on everything from designer wedding dresses to jewellery and wedding themes.  

One thing we all know about celebrity weddings is that budget probably isn’t their main concern. Nobody can put a price on love, but it’s interesting to see how much certain celebrities are willing to pay for love. 


Which celebrity had the most expensive wedding?  

No expense is usually spared with a celebrity wedding, unless they opt for a more intimate and low-key wedding like Lily Allen or Ariana Grande. The amount spent on destination weddings - million-pound wedding gowns, engagement rings and more - can be astronomical, and to be honest, we don't blame them as it's a once-in-a-lifetime special event…unless you're J-Lo or Kim Kardashian.  

According to recent data, Kourtney Kardashian Barker (nee Kourtney Kardashian) and Travis Barker’s wedding ranks number one for the most expensive celebrity wedding.

Overall, the wedding cost around £20 million, with the most expensive part being the couple's honeymoon at their destination wedding location in Italy. They also had guest star performances from opera singer Andrea Bocelli and DJ Cassidy for an additional £89,000.  

One iconic Kardashian wedding fans can’t forget is Kim's wedding to rapper Kanye West. The two tied the knot in Florence, Italy and spent a staggering £12 million, with the most expensive payment being her 20-carat diamond engagement ring which cost approximately £272,556,90.

Over the period of Kim and Kanye's marriage, Kanye upgraded Kim's engagement ring three times – resulting in the total cost for Kim Kardashian's engagement rings to be £11 million. This makes theirs of the most expensive celebrity engagements of all time.  

Ranking in third place for the most expensive wedding is Jennifer Lopez's wedding to actor Ben Affleck. The couple celebrated their new chapter with a three-day extravaganza at Affleck's estate in Ricebero, Georgia. As dramatic as we know J-Lo to be, you know her wedding had to be even more dramatic. The superstar had three outfit changes, the most expensive being her Ralph Lauren custom wedding dress with Swarovski crystals which cost approximately £4.9 million.  

Celebrity Wedding Rings: Which celebrity has the most expensive wedding infographic*Factors such as entertainment, cakes, and décor.  


Which celebrity has the most expensive wedding ring?  

The average cost of an engagement ring in the UK starts around £1800 through to £3000 and more - but many celebrities spend significantly more than this. Over the past year or so, many stars from Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian have gotten hitched or engaged, letting the world know through an array of PDAs all over Instagram, alongside the dramatic engagement ring reveal. And every time they get bigger and bigger, they’re much more expensive.  

Our data experts have used online search data to reveal which celebrities have been given the most expensive engagement rings. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicola Peltz were among the top three, with their engagement rings collectively coming in at a mind-blowing average cost of £11,180,565. 

most expensive wedding rings: which celebrity has the most expensive wedding ring data


What is the most expensive celebrity wedding dress?  

When it comes to wedding dresses, there are so many styles and designers to choose from. Most celebrity wedding dresses are custom-made and cost anything from a few hundred thousand to even a million pounds. With limitless wedding budgets, most celebrity brides aren’t afraid to splash out on their gowns for their special day.  

Analysing the top celebrity weddings in our database, we've rounded up the most expensive wedding dresses. And, just like the other categories the experts looked at, there are a few celebrities who've had plenty of experience planning for their wedding more than once – and it hasn’t stopped them from splashing the cash on their big day again.   

For example, in her second marriage to Ben Affleck – Jennifer Lopez had three outfit changes, the most expensive being her Ralph Lauren custom wedding dress with Swarovski crystal which cost approximately £4.9 million.  

celebrity wedding dresses: celebrity with the most expensive wedding dress data

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Our data analysts used online search data to estimate the cost of wedding dresses and engagement rings. For factors such as wedding venues and honeymoons - our analysts explore the prices of first-class/private jet flights to the honeymoon destinations and the cost of hiring such venues for a certain number of nights.

The total expenses were based on the sum of each value for each celebrity. Most prices were discovered in USD and converted into GBP via Google Converter, and subject to change depending on currency climate.  


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