A necklace can totally complete an outfit, add a touch of elegance or make a statement. But when it comes to necklace lengths, how do you choose the one that's just right for you?

Choosing the right necklace length

Choker Length

Choker necklaces are all about embracing your neckline and creating a chic, modern look. Typically, a choker measures around 14 to 16 inches in length and rests just above the collarbone. This length pairs perfectly with off-shoulder tops and V-necklines.

Princess Length

The princess length necklace is a classic choice that hits right around 18 inches. This versatile length works with a wide range of necklines, making it a wardrobe essential. It rests just below the collarbone and works well with crew necks, boat necks, and scoop necklines, creating a balanced and elegant look.

Matinee Length

The matinee length necklace measures around 20 to 24 inches, adding drama without being overwhelming. This length is perfect for elevating your casual outfits, it drapes over crew necks and higher necklines, for a super sophisticated effect.

Tip on how to choose necklace length

Opera Length

The opera length necklace, around 28 to 36 inches, is graceful and glam, it can be worn as a single strand, doubled up or even tied in a knot thanks to its longer length. It's perfect for adding drama to your evening wear and can complement a variety of necklines.

Rope Length

For a total statement, the rope length necklace is longer than 36 inches so you can get really creative. This length can be worn in different ways – wrapped for a layered effect, knotted or even draped asymmetrically. You can experiment with this style to get the look you want.

Lariat Length

Lariat necklaces are known for their adjustable length and versatile styling. They typically feature a longer chain with a drop that can be customised to your style. Lariat necklaces are perfect for complementing deep necklines or for adding extra interest into a layered look.

Choosing the right necklace length involves understanding your outfit, your neckline, and the look you want to achieve.

At Abbott Lyon, we offer a curated collection of necklaces, each designed to enhance your style and ready to customise, so you can get the look and the length you want.

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