As the New Year ushers in fresh beginnings and resolutions, January arrives with its own unique birthstone, the garnet. We believe that understanding the significance of your birthstone can deepen your connection to it. Let’s dive into why garnets are the perfect January birthstone.

Why Garnet?

This gemstone is celebrated for its deep red hue, symbolising strength and protection both January birthstone qualities that align beautifully with the start of a new year and new opportunities.

Garnet January Birthstone

The History of Garnets

Garnets have been cherished for centuries, and their name is derived from the Latin word "granatum," meaning pomegranate, due to their striking resemblance to the fruit's vibrant seeds.

In ancient times, warriors and travellers believed that garnets provided protection during their journeys. Garnets are associated with qualities such as strength, courage and faith, making them an ideal gemstone for those seeking to start the year with determination and resilience.

The Significance of Garnets

Garnets are more than just beautiful gemstones; they carry deep symbolism. They are believed to offer protection from harm, making them an emblem of safety for those who wear them. Additionally, garnets are associated with love and passion, making them a heartfelt gift choice for loved ones. They make a great Christmas, new year or birthday gift for those with a January birthday.

Garnet Jewellery at Abbott Lyon

At Abbott Lyon, we're passionate about crafting exquisite jewellery that captures the protective and passionate essence of garnets. Our birthstone collection features wonderful pieces, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Whether you're treating yourself or selecting a meaningful gift, garnet jewellery is a beautiful way to celebrate with a striking January birthstone.

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