Are you looking to surprise your best friend with a gift to symbolise your friendship for life? Why not make it memorable by gifting them with a personalised friendship bracelet?

At Abbott Lyon, we can add bespoke engraving to your friendship bracelet or create your signature accessory with name jewellerypendants, and beautiful birthstones. Read on to discover our complete guide to friendship bracelets.



Who wears friendship bracelets?

Friendship bracelets are a great way to represent a meaningful bond between two best friends or loved ones. As experts in personalised jewellery, we LOVE friendship bracelets; they're a great way of showing how much you value and cherish your best friend, the longevity and memories made together.

What are the most popular friendship bracelet patterns?

Typically the friendship bracelet is made from embroidered pieces of string, the most popular friendship bracelet patterns are:

  • Spiral Staircase
  • Ladder Stitch
  • Braided Pattern
  • Diagonal Braid Pattern
  • Chevron Pattern

However, depending on the type of string used, you may have to replace the bracelet after a couple of years. So, why not take your friendship to another level by surprising your best friend with a gold or silver friendship bracelet?  

How to make friendship bracelets

Bracelets are a classic piece of jewellery that can be the perfect finishing touch to any look you want. Whether you and your best friend prefer gold bracelets or even silver bracelets, your options are endless in finding ways to represent your friendship best.

And with Galentine's Day right around the corner, check out a couple of our favourite personalised bracelets that could become a lovely keepsake for the years to come. With the option to choose from various metals such as rose gold, silver and gold, you can also pair it with your best friend's birthstone or even for the month you became friends!

At Abbott Lyon, our favourite is the Stacey Solomon Gift Builder Bracelet – available in gold and silver; choose up to four different initials, numbers, zodiacs  and birthstones to make a unique friendship bracelet.




"It's more than just jewellery; it's the memories."


~ Stacey Solomon, Abbott Lyon Ambassador


However, if you're both looking for something a little more subtle, another of our favourites is the Tie The Knot Pearl Ring. Representing beauty and love, we think it's lovely to signify the tight bond you and your best friend have. And, if your best friend is hoping to get married soon, it's also the perfect ring to symbolise your friendship and celebrate tying the knot!

Discover our range of luxury jewellery that you can personalise to make the perfect thoughtful gift for your best friend or someone special. And, if you need more inspiration on what to gift your gal, explore our gifting range. 

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