A push present is the perfect celebration of your new arrival. It offers a tangible expression of gratitude to the mother for her journey to motherhood. An ideal push present serves as a lasting memento. 

Push present jewellery ideas

Personalised Name Necklace 

Gift the mother a personalised necklace with your child's name—it'll commemorate the moment perfectly. If she likes to layer jewellery, you can go the extra mile and gift her an additional necklace with her name. 

Personalised Name Ring 

Rings have always symbolised eternal bonds and infinite, unconditional love—there's really nothing better to represent motherhood. Add a bespoke feel with a personalised name ring, and you'll have a push present that says a thousand words.  


Incorporating birthstones into the push present is a thoughtful way to commemorate the occasion, gifting the mother something profound that symbolises her child. Birthstone-adorned necklaces and bracelets are excellent choices for this purpose. 

Charm Jewellery 

A charm necklace or bracelet can be a fun push present that keeps on giving. She'll love the new jewellery on the special day but will be equally as surprised when you give her a new charm for each consecutive birthday of your child. The best thing about charms as a push present? It's the perfect way to show her that you'll always be grateful. 

Find the perfect push present 

The above are just a handful of our favourite push present ideas, but you can give so many more gifts to show her how much you appreciate her. Shop our full range of jewellery here, or check out our most popular gifts for more inspiration. 

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