We are so proud to be working with the beautiful inside & out Safiyya Vorajee for our International Women’s Day campaign. This collection is full of meaningful personalised pieces designed to layer and stack for confidence inspiring looks to help you feel empowered.

We invited Safiyya to our HQ in our hometown of Bath to spend the day with our brand team to talk more about the collection & her incredible story. She started the Azaylia foundation having gone through the hardest thing any Mum could go through. Her strength and resilience to keep fighting & raising awareness is truly inspirational, which is why we chose to celebrate her for our International Women's Day Campaign.

We all have a story, and wearing a piece of jewellery that holds a meaning personal to you is super special. Whether it’s a birthstone of a loved one, their name or a healing stone to help you through tough times, this collection comes from the heart.

This collaboration means so much to us as a proud majority female team. We loved getting to know Safiyya & we’re sure we’ll be seeing her again very soon. Watch the campaign video to see how our day in the studio went & shop the collection now.