Rose gold combines the properties of gold with a hint of copper and silver – the exact proportions vary from piece to piece. While pure gold is naturally yellow, the addition of copper lends rose gold its blush tone. Making it a popular choice for many, at Abbott Lyon our Jewellery is rose gold plated by PDP. 

Our head of product design Kirsty Brown says, “When we see trends moving towards silver and white gold, we also see that increase on rose gold, because the two complement each other.” 

Rose gold Abbott Lyon

Is rose gold hypoallergenic? 

Rose gold is generally considered hypoallergenic. However, if you’re sensitive to copper you might experience mild reactions. Nonetheless, since gold itself is hypoallergenic, rose gold is a popular choice because it’s stylish and comfortable to wear without irritation for most people.  

Does rose gold tarnish? 

Rose gold, while beautiful, can tarnish over time due to the presence of copper in it. The copper in rose gold reacts with elements in the environment, like oxygen and moisture, leading to a gradual darkening or dulling of the metal's surface.  

However, this tarnishing process is usually slower and less pronounced than metals like sterling silver. Regularly cleaning and caring for your rose gold can help to prevent tarnishing. Gently wiping the jewellery with a soft cloth after wearing it can help remove any surface dirt or oils that can affect your jewellery. 

Is rose gold more expensive than yellow gold? 

Rose gold and yellow gold jewellery generally have comparable prices since they both contain the same amount of pure gold. The most important thing that influences the cost of jewellery, regardless of whether it's rose or yellow gold, is the purity of the gold that’s been used.  

While the base cost of the gold itself is similar, other factors play a part in the price difference between both. The level of design, gemstones and craftsmanship can also affect the final price of jewellery pieces.  
Explore our collection of rose gold jewellery and accessories, from dainty necklaces to personalised bracelets, there’s something for everyone, no matter the occasion.  

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