When it comes to accessorising, a necklace can complete your outfit by enhancing your overall look and adding a little extra. If you’ve ever tried a necklace and top together, but thought that it looked weird then you might be wondering what goes with what. Here’s everything you need to know about getting the right neckline with the right necklace. 

Pairing necklaces with necklines

V-Neck Elegance

The V-neck's all about elongating your neckline and creating a silhouette that you’re happy with. Enhance this effect by choosing a necklace that mirrors the V shape of the neckline. A name necklace that ends just above the V-point is a gorgeous choice for your outfit. 

Sweetheart and Off-Shoulder Charm

For necklines like the sweetheart or off-shoulder, it's best to go for shorter necklaces that stay closer to the neck. Chokers and collar necklaces look great with these styles - the close-fitting necklaces complement the exposed shoulders or decolletage. 

Scoop Neck Sophistication

Scoop necklines are perfect for statement pieces of jewellery. Chunky necklaces with intricate designs or layered necklaces can add a touch of drama to this neckline. The key is to balance the scoop's openness with a necklace that fills the space, without looking too much. Though honestly, your personal style’s up to you. 

Pairing Necklaces with necklines

High Necklines with Elegance

High necklines, like turtlenecks and boat necks, cover most of the upper chest, so try  longer necklaces to add a contrast and a point of interest. Try a long chain with a pendant, or a simple strand of pearls for an elegant style. 

Choosing the right necklace to wear with a specific neckline can elevate your style game. By understanding how necklines and necklaces work together, you can accessorise easily and elevate your own style. Whether you try layering, single strands or pendants there’s something for every neckline. 

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