Choosing the perfect jewellery gift is both a delightful and daunting task. From understanding personal styles to keeping pace with ever-evolving trends, selecting the perfect piece is an art form. This report delves into the trends and preferences surrounding jewellery gifting according to survey data, search demand and social media trends.   

Valentine’s shopping trends 

TikTok trends and online searches reveal the most in-demand gifts for special occasions like Valentine's Day.  

Jewellery remains a classic choice, with ‘Valentine's Day necklace’ garnering 3,600 searches, ‘Valentine's Day ring’ with 2900, and ‘Valentine's Day earrings’ with 880.  

#valentinesjewelleryforher: Gained significant attention with 1759 hashtag views, showing a growing interest in gifting jewellery this Valentine’s Day.  

#valentinesjewellery: This more general term had 481,800 hashtag views, showing huge demand for jewellery during the romantic season.  

#valentinesdayjewellery:  Also stood out with 11,700 hashtag views.  

This shows the appeal of jewellery as a symbol of love, and the evolving trends in how people gift their loved ones. 

Christmas shopping trends 

Our data shows that 19% of women and 11% of men had already started their Christmas shopping in August. It seems early holiday shopping has become a strategic and convenient choice for many. Many want to avoid the last-minute rush and spread out their spending so that they can buy gifts that matter. Pretty smart if you ask us! 

Spending habits and jewellery as a preferred gift 

36% of women said they spend the most money on their mothers when buying jewellery as a gift and a further 22% said they spend the most money on their partner. The data shows that a lot of people expressed an interest in purchasing jewellery as a gift.  

Abbott Lyon Collage of Gifting

Gifting dynamics - who and what 

Our survey asked women how they shop for jewellery and the most popular things to buy. 

 Women who buy jewellery for Percentage
Mother 56%
Friends 41%
Other Family Member 37%
Romantic Partner 32%
Sister 31%


Most in demand jewellery gift   Percentage
Necklaces 28%
Earrings 28%
Bracelets 18%
Rings 4%
Other Items 3%


Abbott Lyon Collage of top selling Jewellery

Women know what their mum's love, which is why when it comes to jewellery, most women are likely to shop for a piece for their mums, with necklaces being the most sought-after item. Whether it's a classic pendant, a birthstone-adorned piece, or a customised design, the diversity of necklace options makes them the perfect gift. 

Personalised jewellery and the numbers 

Personalised jewellery holds a unique and sentimental charm that sets it apart. Whether it's a name, a significant date, or a special symbol, customisation makes jewellery even more meaningful. 
Our survey explored the popularity of personalised gifts, revealing that almost half (49%) of women buy personalised jewellery as a gift on birthdays, with 30% giving it as a Christmas gift.  

When it comes to how people feel about receiving personalised jewellery as a gift, 61% of women have been recipients, with 34% saying ‘it’s a gift I still cherish’. It’s safe to say personalised jewellery is a hit! 

Top Abbott Lyon gifts and who we are shopping for 

Looking at the sales data from last November, the following tables show the top 5 Abbott Lyon products, alongside the top 5 recipients that people buy for, on our website. 

Top 5 Products
Signature Name Necklace (Gold) 
Custom Name Bracelet (Gold) 
Customer Name Bracelet (Silver)
Gemma Owen GXO Custom Tennis Necklace (Gold) 
 Signature Name Necklace (Silver) 


Top 5 Recipients Percentage
Child  32.99%
Friend 19.67%
Partner 15.28%
Sibling 13.52%
Parent 9.41%


Our most popular piece is our signature name necklace in gold. A versatile and stunning piece for everyone, whether you’re buying for yourself or for someone else, it’s the perfect piece to go with any outfit. The data also shows that parents are some of our most popular customers and we love that! 

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