Halloween is that time of year when celebrities showcase their creativity and imagination through the most elaborate and imaginative costumes. And these A-listers spare no expense to transform into iconic characters, making headlines and setting new standards for Halloween extravagance.

We looked at some of the most expensive celebrity Halloween costumes, where dollars and details collide in spectacular fashion. We collated a list of some of the most expensive looks, considering the cost of their outfits, make up, accessories and any extras.


The Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Halloween Costumes

1. Elon Musk's Devilish Transformation ($9,995)

Tech titan Elon Musk made a statement with his demonic Halloween costume. His meticulously crafted red and black devil outfit was extravagant. This red samurai armour seeming to be inspired by the 70’s show ‘Devils Champion’. Its intricate detailing including studs and buckles makes for a striking costume.


2. Harry Styles' Iconic Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" ($5,200)

Everyone’s favourite fashion-forward pop star, Harry Styles dazzled us as he slipped into Dorothy's famous blue gingham dress and sparkling ruby red slippers. While not the priciest on our list, his attention to detail and commitment to the character are undeniable.

3. Gigi Hadid's Stunning "The Mask" Transformation ($4,100)

Gigi Hadid brought the beloved character "The Mask" to life with a costume featuring the character's signature yellow suit and vibrant green face. The uniqueness and creativity of her costume, coupled with its price, made it a memorable choice.

4. Kim Kardashian's Mystique Metamorphosis ($3,801)

Kim Kardashian, a queen of transformations, embodied shape-shifting mutant Mystique from the X-Men franchise. Her latex bodysuit and intricate makeup took her costume game to the next level, resulting in an impressive cost of $3,801.

5. Kylie Jenner's Mighty Morphing Power Ranger ($3,610)

Kylie Jenner led her squad of Mighty Power Rangers for Halloween, each costume created especially for each member of the crew. While not the most expensive, her effort and attention to detail added up to an impressive total of $3,610.

Top 10

These celebrities don't just dress up for Halloween; they create unforgettable experiences and they’ve got the budget to execute it perfectly. While these top 5 costumes are a testament to their dedication, there are even more spectacular ensembles in the celebrity Halloween universe. Here's a table showcasing the top 10 most expensive celebrity Halloween costumes over the years, along with their prices.






Elon Musk 

Devil Costume 



Harry Styles 

Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" 



Gigi Hadid 

The Mask 



Kim Kardashian 

Mystique Metamorphosis 



Kylie Jenner 

Power Rangers 



Kendall Jenner 

Toy Story 



Kourtney Kardashian 

True Romance Costume 



Hailey Bieber 

Princess Diaries 



Megan Fox 

Pamela Anderson 



Riverdale Girls 

Hocus Pocus  


These extravagant costumes aren’t just about the price tag; they're about passion and creativity. As we anticipate the next Halloween season, we look forward to seeing what celebs have to show off in 2023.


We created a list of popular celebrity Halloween costumes using fashion media sources. We used combined Google search volume and Instagram likes to determine which of the costumes were the most popular. We then estimated the costs of the most popular costumes based on the cost of similar items by the same designers.


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