Have you ever wondered about what your favourite Disney Princess’ signature jewellery would look like in real life? At Abbott Lyon, we’ve worked our magic combining jewellery, tech, and fantasies to predict what type of jewellery each princess would wear in real life.

Discover our Disney Princess-inspired jewellery by Abbott and add a touch of fairy-tale magic to your own style!

Ariel – Become The Girl That Has Everything

Disney Jewellery AI Ariel

Ariel, the adventurous and free-spirited mermaid princess, would undoubtedly adore these shimmering seashell earrings. Crafted with iridescent pearls and glistening aquamarine gemstones, these earrings evoke the beauty of the ocean.

If you’re looking to channel your inner princess, explore Abbott Lyon’s pearl and gemstone jewellery .

Cinderella- You Must Go to The Ball!


Disney AI Jewellery Abbott Lyon

Take a ride to the royal ball in style with Cinderella's carriage necklace and earrings, adorned with sparkling crystals and delicate details. The enchanting piece captures the magic of Cinderella's dream come true. Whether you’re a girl who likes to wear gold, silver, or rose gold jewellery discover jewellery that will fit like a glass slipper with Abbott Lyon jewellery.

Snow White – Who Is The Fairest of Them All?


Snow White AI Disney Jewellery

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Snow White's earrings radiate pure elegance with deep red ruby gemstones and sparkling diamonds. These earrings are a testament to Snow White's beauty and kind heart. But can we tempt you into falling in love with Snow White's poisoned apple necklace, just like we did? Filled with deep red garnets and twisted vines – this necklace is the perfect necklace to represent the story of love and courage.

Get the look today with our birthstone range and lab-grown diamonds.

Mulan – Channel Your Inner Warrior Spirit


Mulan Disney AI Jewellery

Channel Mulan's bravery and determination with these warrior-inspired earrings. Bold jade stones and intricate metalwork embody the strength and resilience of this courageous princess. Inspired by the cherry blossoms of her homeland, Mulan's necklace symbolises femininity and strength. Delicate pink tourmaline stones and silver branches create a graceful and empowering piece of jewellery.

If you’re looking for jewellery to make you feel empowered, explore our personalised jewellery collection to unleash your inner warrior princess by giving yourself words of encouragement.

Aladdin - A Whole New World


Abbott Lyon AI Jewellery Aladdin

Embark on a magical journey with Princess Jasmine-inspired jewellery. Representing the night sky and twinkling stars - these celestial gems, adorned with sapphires and diamonds, capture the true essence of "a whole new world". And to capture the Arabian night's theme – pair these earrings with this magical pendant necklace in gold.

Become a real-life princess with Abbott Lyon’s luxury jewellery collection

Step into the magical world of Disney princesses with Abbott Lyon's stunning jewellery collection.

From earrings, necklaces to rings, you too can feel the spirit and charm of these characters, making you feel like a real-life princess.

Embrace the elegance of Cinderella, the courage of Mulan, the allure of Ariel, and the kindness of Snow White as you adorn yourself with these enchanting jewels fit for royalty.

Unleash your inner princess and let the magic of these timeless pieces illuminate your style!

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