A necklace chain sets the stage for the pendant or charm that it’s worn with. The type of chain you choose can influence the overall look and feel of your necklace, adding uniqueness and personality to your style.

Types of necklace

Cable Chain

The cable chain’s a classic choice known for its simplicity and durability. Comprising uniform oval or round links, this chain type can be worn on its own or with a pendant. Its clean design complements various pendant styles, making it a staple for everyday wear.

Box Chain

The box chain features square links that interlock seamlessly, for a classic look that’s anything but boring. This type of chain prevents twisting too, so if you’re forever getting in a knot then this cold be the style for you. Its intricate design adds a little sophistication to any outfit.

Rolo Chain

The rolo chain is made up of round links that are often larger and thicker than a cable chain. This chain type is bold but balanced and is the perfect in-between style for dressing up or down.

Figaro Chain

The figaro chain is a distinctive choice with alternating links of different sizes. Typically, it includes one long link followed by several shorter links, creating a pretty pattern that makes it great for casual and formal occasions.

Abbott Lyon necklace types

Snake Chain

The snake chain is sleek and stylish, resembling the scales of a snake (hence the name). This chain type lies flat against the skin and offers a smooth and fluid movement. It’s a totally luxe, lavish style that looks good with everything.

Singapore Chain

The Singapore chain features links that are intertwined to create a diamond-like pattern, for a delicate, woven look. This chain type adds a touch of sparkle, making it an excellent choice whether you’re into minimalist styles or something with a little shine.

Ball Chain

The ball chain, also known as bead chain, consists of small spherical beads linked together. This chain type is usually worn with more casual options, but it still works well with a variety of pendants and charms.

At Abbott Lyon, our collection of necklaces feature various chain types, each designed to cater to your unique style and preferences. Explore our range of necklace chains and discover the perfect canvas for your jewellery masterpiece.

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