Are you buying someone a ring and you want to find out their size without spoiling the surprise? We’ve got you covered. From borrowing a ring for sizing to starting some sneaky conversations about jewellery, there's no shortage of entertaining tactics. Channel your inner detective and enjoy surprising your loved one with a perfectly fitted ring. 

Abbott Lyon Finding out ring size tips

Observation is key 

Pay attention to the rings they wear. Take note of which finger they wear them on and whether they are snug or loose fit. Sometimes, a little teamwork can go a long way too — ask their other loved ones in case they know their size. 

Get creative  

Ask them to try your ring on and then compare sizes, see how well it fits them and gauge their size from that. You might come under suspicion with this one, so make sure you think of a good cover story if you don’t want to spoil the surprise. 

Use technology 

Use our printable ring size guide, measure your size, and get your friend to join in under the cover of buying yourself a ring, all while discreetly gathering the information you need. 

Borrow a ring  

Sneakily borrow one of their rings for sizing purposes. Make sure it's a ring worn on the same finger you want to buy the new ring for. Then use a ring sizer tool or take measurements to accurately get their size.  

Ask a professional 

Once you’ve tried the above, take all the information you have to a jeweller and get the measurements confirmed. This should help you get the ring size right before you buy the gift. 

While you’re here, check out our ring collection, because we’ve got something for everyone. And if your detective work hasn’t quite hit the mark, pick something from our range of adjustable rings so they can get the right fit. 

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