A push present is the ultimate gesture to celebrate your newest arrival and express your gratitude to the remarkable mum. Giving a necklace as a push present stands as a cherished token, enabling her to look at it and celebrate her resilience and bravery throughout the ups and downs of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Necklace push present ideas

Personalised Name Necklace   

Gift her a name necklace personalised with your child's name, a beautiful way to commemorate this life-changing moment. For a woman who loves to layer her jewellery, consider adding an extra piece with her name on it for that special, personalised touch. 

Birthstone Necklace 

Choosing a push present that includes birthstones adds a layer of personal significance, offering the mum a symbol of her child that she can wear. Birthstone necklaces make for elegant and thoughtful gifts. 

Charm Necklace   

Opt for a charm necklace if you want to gift a fun but meaningful push present. She'll cherish the original piece, and introducing the tradition of adding a new charm for each of your child's future birthdays will keep the memory and gratitude alive. It's an endearing way to mark the milestones ahead. 

Selecting the Perfect Push Present   

The ideas shared are just a few of the directions you can take your push present. There are so many fantastic gifts out there to show your thanks. Explore our full jewellery collection here, or browse our most popular gifts to find further inspiration. 

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