Push presents (also known as push gifts) have become increasingly popular in recent years and are undoubtedly set to become 2024's viral parenthood trend. 

Push Gifts from Abbott Lyon

What exactly is a push present? 

A push present is given to mothers to celebrate the birth of a new child and recognise all the hard work that's led up to the special day. While it's most commonly a gift exchanged between parents, anyone close to the mother can give a push present of their own. 

Push presents – a short history 

No one knows where the concept of a push present came from, although its popularity is most likely thanks to stars like Jennnifer Lopez, who received a set of million-pound earrings and a ring, and Kim Kardashian with her £750,000 necklace. 

Push presents – the dos and don'ts 

Because it's such a new and undefined idea, there are really no rules when it comes to giving a push present. Our advice? Don't feel like you need to go over the top – something thoughtful and meaningful will go all the way, whereas something too extravagant could steal the attention away from what's important. Stacey Solomon's man got it spot on—his gift to her was a simple get-together with loved ones.  

What to gift 

Although hosting a gathering is a great option, you may want to commemorate the moment with something that will last—that's where jewellery can help. Take a cue from Tarek El Moussa, who gifted his wife Heather Rae a gold bracelet for her push present. Custom jewellery is a great option, too. What better gift to mark the occasion than a personalised necklace or bracelet with your new child's name? 

Alternatively, birthstones are a great way to mark the occasion and give the new mum a meaningful, thoughtful gift representing your child. Birthstone necklaces and bracelets are both great options. 

Finding the perfect push present 

Beyond celebrating your new child, a push present is a thoughtful, tangible way to thank the mother for everything they've been through on their journey to motherhood. A good push present will be something the mother can look at and instantly be reminded of her child and feel proud of herself for enduring all the challenges that come with childbearing and birth. Shop our most popular gifts for more inspiration. 

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