Our newest collaboration is with Love Island star Molly Smith. We caught up with Molly and spoke to her about all things jewellery, where she shared her thoughts on everything from her favourite pieces to gifting advice. You’ll get to see exactly why we’re her perfect fit. 

Molly Smith Jewellery

A dive into Molly’s favourite piece 

When asked about her favourite piece from the collaboration, Molly didn't hesitate to mention the crystal Arabic name necklace. "Recently I’ve been loving the Crystal Arabic Name Necklace. I wore the plain one every day when I was in the villa and now that there’s a crystal version, I’m even more obsessed! I love how you can personalise them." She went on to share that the name on her necklace was in fact her dog, Nelly’s! 

Gifting and thoughtful jewellery pieces 

Molly shares our love for personalised gifting, so this collection means just as much to her as it does to us. We think giving a personalised gift to a loved one makes it that much more special, and so does Molly. "I’d say personalising a piece of jewellery makes it more special. It’s an added touch that sets it aside from any other necklace or bracelet they may have." 

When reflecting on meaningful jewellery, Molly shared a special memory with us about one of her favourite meaningful pieces: "I’d say it’s got to be my grandma's ring, having it passed down to me and being able to have something of hers means a lot." Our collections are durable enough to pass on as a beautiful, personalised gift your loved ones will cherish, too. 

Recalling a gifting moment, Molly spoke about creating memories by giving accessories and jewellery to loved ones. "It would be a watch for my dad for his 60th birthday! Something he had always wanted, and it was on such a special birthday, so it’s always got a lovely memory." Thoughtful jewellery pieces can be anything from an heirloom to something the person has been hoping for. One thing is for certain: jewellery is the perfect gift.  

Caring for your jewellery 

We got curious and asked Molly how she takes care of her jewellery. "I keep all my jewellery in jewellery boxes, all colour coordinated and set out flat so they don’t get tangled or damaged. Also, I take my jewellery off when I’m sleeping just to prevent any damage." Molly’s ahead of the game because our experts would recommend everything she’s already doing to look after jewellery.  

We loved working with Molly to create such a stunning collection and she loved working with us, too. "I loved how the Abbott Lyon team and I worked to create a collection that was completely my style and what I love!" Shop the collection today. 




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