Necklaces are more than just pieces of jewellery; they hold sentimental value, evoke memories, and elevate your style. To keep these treasures safe, organised, and tangle-free, it's essential to know how to store necklaces properly.

Why You Should Store Necklaces Properly

Storing necklaces correctly not only prevents tangling and damage but also helps you easily access your jewellery. Ever been trying to find your fave only to see it’s tangled at the bottom of your makeup bag or dressing table? A well-organised necklace collection means that your pieces stay in pristine condition, ready to complement any outfit. 

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Should you use Individual Pouches or Boxes?

Your  jewellery deserves proper care to prevent tangling, breaks and scratching. It’s best to store each necklace in its individual pouch or box to keep it tidy and safe. Not only will this keep your necklaces out of harms way, but it’’ll add a touch of luxury to your storage space too. 

Use Hanging Organisers

Hanging organisers are great for necklace storage, especially if you’re short on space or you want to show off your collection. Invest in a quality jewellery organiser with hooks or loops to prevent tangles. 

Jewellery Trays and Dishes

For a stylish and accessible storage solution, consider jewellery trays and dishes. These decorative pieces can hold your necklaces while adding something a little extra to your dressing table. It’s great if you’re someone who only remembers to take off their jewellery just as they’re getting into bed. 

Wall-Mounted Displays

Wall-mounted necklace displays  prevent tangling but also become a decorative element in your room. Display your jewellery as functional pieces of art so you can see them whenever you want. It makes it easy to pick up your favourite pieces and see what you’re working with.

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Drawer Dividers

If clutter’s a no-no for you, drawer dividers are an organised and hidden way to store your necklaces. This method ensures that your necklaces remain untangled and easily accessible, without getting in the way of your aesthetic. 

Travel Cases

When you're on the go, keep your necklaces safe using travel cases. Travel cases make it convenient to protect your jewellery during your travels, and you can easily keep it safe. No need to put them in your luggage, you can put your travel case in your take-on bag. 

Your necklace collection deserves thoughtful care and organisation. By using proper storage methods you can keep your favourite pieces looking good for longer. Whether you choose individual pouches, hanging organisers or decorative trays, staying organised will keep your stuff in great condition.

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