Finding the perfect Christmas gift for her is just as exciting as watching her open the present and smile. And what you don't want is a face of disappointment after gifting something typical, like the usual gift card, beauty set or candles that they would typically get thousand times over.  

Taking the time to find the perfect Christmas gift ideas for her shows your mum, wife, sister, or daughter, how much they mean to you. And for some, gift-giving is the ultimate love language, so there's no better way to say 'I love you' other than during the season of giving.  

So, if you need Christmas gift inspiration for her, discover our guide on the must-have Christmas gifts for her! 


Best Jewellery Christmas Gifts for Her   

At Abbott Lyon, we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for her. Whether you want to gift her on her birthday, Christmas, or anniversary, you're simply in the mood to give a little treat. You can never go wrong in giving something sentimental and personal, like jewellery 

Whether you're looking for something in gold, silver, or rose gold, why not compliment your gift with a pair of earrings, a birthstone, or even a pendant? 

Our favourite is the Interlinked Crystal Necklace in Gold, paired with our Luxe Starburst Ear Bundle. Both our designs are timeless and complimentary to all ages. We love both pieces as they can be worn at any time of the day.  

Christmas gift guide: Abbott Lyon interlinked necklace

Follow the light, follow the star; the spirit of love says to gift your gal with diamond jewellery. Explore our range of lab-grown diamonds that display the same characteristics as natural diamonds, sitting at the top of the scale of the 4C's. 


Personalised Christmas Gift Sets  

Typically, when choosing a Christmas gift for her, there are so many ways to show how much you appreciate her, and there's no better way than giving her a personalised jewellery gift set!  

At Abbott Lyon, we have an extensive range of luxury jewellery, handbags and watches perfect for your special she. And one of our personal favourites is the Stacey Solomon Gift Builder Bracelet. 


christmas gift ideas for her: Stacey Solomon Abbott Lyon personalised bracelet


You can personalise the bracelet in gold and silver by choosing up to four charms to fit perfectly to her personality, totally unique.  

Why not complete your Christmas gift set with a Gift Builder Necklace or complimenting earrings?  

When searching online or in the shops for a Christmas gift, we know how easy it is to lose track of time, so gift something timeless like one of our luxurious, premium-feel watches? (pardon the pun!) 

Not only are our watches built to stand the test of time, but you also have the option to engrave your watch to give it that extra personal touch.  


Christmas gift guide for her: Stacey Solomon Abbott Lyon


Dream of a 'Gold' Christmas This 2022  

Get ahead of the Christmas countdown with our Abbott Lyon Advent Calendar. Not only can you track how many days you have left till Christmas Day – you'll know exactly how much time you have left to buy the perfect Christmas presents and stocking fillers. And if you need a little more inspiration, explore our gift guide today for more ideas! 

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