As October arrives with its crisp air and autumn colours, it brings two enchanting birthstones to choose from: opal and tourmaline. Let's explore why they are the perfect gemstones to represent October birthdays.

Why Opal and Tourmaline?

These gemstones are celebrated for their striking beauty and vibrant colours, making them a perfect fit for the month of October.


Opals are often considered among the most mysterious and captivating gemstones. They're known for their iridescent play-of-colour. They are often associated with inspiration, imagination and creativity, making them perfect as an October birthstone for individuals who have a deep appreciation for the arts.


Tourmalines are a diverse family of gemstones, known for their wide range of colours. From deep greens to vibrant pinks and electric blues, tourmalines offer a spectrum of beauty. They're often associated with strength, courage and protection. Each colour of tourmaline is believed to have its unique properties, giving wearers a sense of empowerment and balance that makes it important as an October birthstone.

Opal October Birthstone Jewellery

The Significance of Opals and Tourmalines

Opals are believed to bring good fortune and happiness to those who wear them, making them a symbol of hope and positivity. Tourmalines, on the other hand, are said to promote emotional balance, energy, and spiritual growth.

Opal Jewellery at Abbott Lyon

Our collection of birthstone jewellery features stunning pieces, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, designed to complement your style and make a meaningful statement with an October birthstone.

October offers a delightful choice between opals and tourmalines, two gemstones that are as unique and diverse as the individuals born in this month. Whether you're treating yourself or gifting someone special, opal and tourmaline jewellery is a beautiful way to celebrate.

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